Flower PowerSpring 2011We were to pick out any flower that we wanted from a bouquet of flowers the teacher provided. I picked this flower and colored it with oil pastel. This assignment was really fun, even though working with the pastels is difficult.


AFTERThis is my first still drawing that I have ever done. The "before" picture is what I drew the first week of taking this class. The "after" picture is what I drew three weeks. You can see how much I have improved in that short amount of time.

"Emotional"Spring 2011We had to pick out of a box that had words describing an emotion. My word that I picked was "fear." While deciding what I wanted to draw, I immediatly thought of drawing a clown because I am very scared of them!

"Woven Drawings"Spring 2011We were to draw two seperate drawings and weave them together. I did a picture of my sister and a seperate picture of me. I then gave it to my mother for Mothers Day.

Outside my WindowSpring 2011When doing this, we were to create a stamp. After we created the stamp, we rolled ink onto it and created different types. I am showing my colored poncil stamp and my black and white stamp. This is only 2 out of the 6 that we did.

Bella BabySpring 2011This is another picture out of my sketchbook. This is one of my dogs, Bella. I did this picture because she has some very defined features which I brought out with shading.

"Live Laugh Love"Spring 2011I drew this in my sketchbook. I love this picture because it is one of my favorite quotes. I live my life by this quote and through any situation that is hard for me, I think of this quote and prepare for the obstacle.

"Just a Day in Paradise"Spring 2011This picture was in my sketchbook. I did this because I was having a bad day and just dreamed about being in Florida. Laying in a hammock by the palm trees would be so relaxing!

"Dots to create an image"Spring 2011I started with drawing a bunch of dots and then it started to look like a flower so I drew them on purpose. I then decided to shade the dots in so yiu could tell what I wanted them to be. I really liked this sketchbook idea.