PeaceFall 2010
I created this piece with earthy colors because I incorporate that with peace. I also imagine peace when I see doves, which is why i decided to use this as my cutout. This was a hard project because it was my first time using a saw for my artwork, and to get the letters to look good was very difficult.

DaisyFall 2010
This pendant was created by transferring an image onto a metal pendant using a special gel. I chose this image because it was very pretty and would match with a lot of clothing. I wear this piece with great pride.

Precious PurpleFall 2010I created this because purple is one of my favorite colors. I wear it with all of my "fancy" outfits and get many compliments on this piece.

Black BeautyFall 2010This was used for my final project. I made three seperate necklaces with the same pattern and connected them all. This is by far my favorite piece.

"Wire Mash Up!"Spring 2011This was one of the most complex things we did with jewelry. It was not that hard once we got going but was very confusing at first with all four pieces of wire. It all came togther and looked really cool when I finished it.

"Yarn Mash Up!"Spring 2011When doing this necklace, we used the same technique as the last project I have on here. This actually turned out to look way better than I expected. This necklace went perfectly with my Easter outfit!