Altered BookFall 2010We were told to take an old book and make it into some sort of story. I made my book of my life. I was fortunate enough to get a book that was like a journal, so for every major event in my life, I created my stuff I created that page with the date it happened. This is my favorite project.

Wire WordsFall 2010We had to create a page in our book using wires to describe the page. I wrote the words "baby girls" on this page, which happens to have the date June 2nd, because that's when my sister and I were born. At the top of our picture, I also found the words "double trouble" in a magazine and figured it would be perfect!

Mosaic Picture FrameFall 2010This was one of the most difficult projects for me. It was my first time doing mosaic work, but in the end it turned out pretty nice!

Sketch BookFall 2010This is the book that I keep all of my sketches in. It is very conveniant and was really funny to make!

"Mosaic Mirror"Spring 2011We were able to mosaic anything we wanted so I decided to mosaic my make-up mirror. I figured it was a good idea to mosaic this because it just sits in my room. This way, it can look really cool in my room and like a decorative piece.

Altered BookSpring 2011This is one of my final pages in my Altered Book. I did this beause "Live Laugh Love" is one of my favorite quotes. I live by that quote and it fits my life perfectly.

Altered BookSpring 2011This is a page in my altered book that I dedicated to my dogs, Bullet and Bella. They are so cute but a lot to handle, so I put "Beware, Double Duty" in the middle. This is another one of my cutest pages.

Mosaic Treat Box
Spring 2011
This was my final project. As well as being my final project, it was one of my favorite mosaiced pieces. I painted it brown because I have two chocolate labs. I also mosaiced the silouette of a lab for them. When I had extra time, I decided to write "Bullet" and "Bella" on the box for decoration. This is a very good treat box!